Alex In Wonderland – Part 2/2 | Autumn @ The Magic Kingdom



Before reading Part 2, make sure to check out Part 1 which is all about my day at Universal CityWalk and Disney Springs!

It has always been a dream of mine to be able to go to the Magic Kingdom when all the Fall decorations are out on display. Who am I kidding, I’d go to Disney World every single day of the year if I could. I’ve been during Christmastime and fell in love so I really wanted to go during the Fall months this year. It’s unbelievable how much detail Disney puts into everything that they do. The atmosphere of the parks is just something that can’t be explained to someone who has never been there. Although we didn’t go on a day of Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, I’m so happy we didn’t. I would have missed some of the iconic parades and the classic fireworks show at night. Seeing Main Street fully decked out in Autumn-y decorations was enough for me and it was absolutely amazing.






I also want to mention how great it is that almost anywhere you walk in the park, you’re bound to see some bubbles floating away or smell something delicious in the air. I think that makes it even more magical. It’s so cheesy, I know, but it really does make my heart so happy and full of joy. We took the ferry to the park (which I had never done before) and got to the entrance around 11:00 AM. I spent a while taking hundreds of photos of the seasonal decorations before we started heading to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, the ride I wanted to go on most which typically has a very long wait time. I’ll make another post in the near future with my favorite (and least favorite) rides from the Magic Kingdom, don’t you worry.







I forgot to mention that before we ran over to Fantasyland (my new-found favorite “land” in the park… everything looks straight out of a fairy tale storybook), we stumbled upon the “Move it! Shake it!” parade. I’m also looking forward to making a post about my favorite parades and shows. This seems to be turning into a Disney blog temporarily, my bad. After a few more rides and some Fastpass+ tickets to use up, we made our way to lunch at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe. Once we finished eating, we rode more rides and had a couple more snacks and before we knew it it was about 6:30 PM. Meaning we had about two and a half hours to kill until the night shows began. We decided to slowly walk around the entire park just to take it all in, which was probably one of my favorite parts of the day. It’s sometimes so hard to see everything while waiting in lines, so we went at our own pace and explored EVERYTHING.



I do wish we had time to experience Be Our Guest, the Beauty & The Beast-themed restaurant but we didn’t RSVP and really weren’t all too hungry for a big dinner. Next time! After we walked around the park, it was time for the Electrical Parade, Celebrate The Magic, and Wishes. Each one was incredible. Me being such a Disney fanatic, I usually buy a lot of little trinkets throughout the park which over the years get shoved to the back of a drawer. This time however, I decided I wanted to buy something special to commemorate the trip. I bought myself a Disney Parks Pandora bracelet that I know I’ll keep forever. Despite the large amounts of pain after walking about ten miles that day (and my feet are DEFINITELY not used to that), I had an incredible time and I already want to go back. Thanks for going with me, Mom! ♥ Have I said amazing and incredible enough times in this post, do you think? That’s all I have for now. Thanks everyone for reading about my mini-adventure to Orlando!

– Alex

Alex In Wonderland – Part 1/2 | Universal & Disney Springs


Well, I’m home again. Last week I took a three day trip to Orlando, Florida with my mom! On our first full day, Friday, we went to Universal CityWalk in the morning/afternoon and then to Downtown Disney (now called Disney Springs) at night – because that’s when it’s the most magical of course. I only cried once! That OneRepublic song really gets to me, you know? I really wanted to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter but it was just so expensive to buy a park pass for only a couple of hours. Someone needs to tell Universal that they’re not Disney. I’ve never even seen a Harry Potter movie, you guys.


I considered this day a “calm before the storm” situation. On Saturday we went to the Magic Kingdom which you’ll hear all about in an upcoming post. Anyways, we shopped around and went to Hard Rock Cafe for lunch because we were too hungry to branch out and try something new.




That fluffy unicorn pictured above was seconds away from coming home with me but I figured he would be tough to fit in my tiny carry-on bags.



The sunsets in Florida are breathtaking. We were so lucky on this trip because they were calling for thunderstorms the whole time but it only sprinkled a little bit. I didn’t take all that many photos at Disney Springs because we were too busy shopping, drooling over the delicious desserts, listening to great music, and exploring the beautiful area. A lot of new things had been added ever since we were last there a few years ago.



Stay tuned for Part 2 which is going to be a doozy! Our 13 hour day at the Magic Kingdom.

– Alex