Disney World Tips | 3 Least Favorite Attractions

By now everyone probably knows that I’m head-over-heels in love with Disney World and all its magical powers. I’ve got to admit that there are some things about Disney that I’m not so fond of. Nothing against you, Walt. Now, I am no where close to experiencing all rides and attractions that the Disney parks have to offer but out of the ones I have tried, these are by far my least favorite. I guess it’s a positive thing though that I can only think of three.

In order from the best of the worst to the worst of the worst… drumroll please!

3. THE GREAT MOVIE RIDE – Hollywood Studios >>

I’m honestly not sure why I have such a problem with this one. I can’t remember too much about it other than a long wait, boring movies, and a crazy pirate lady who kept yelling and I wasn’t sure if that was supposed to be part of the ride or not. Nonetheless, enough to turn me off of it for a good while.


2. IT’S TOUGH TO BE A BUG – Animal Kingdom >>

A creepy crawly bug-eyed adventure. A CREEPY CRAWLY BUG-EYED ADVENTURE. Why did I ever agree to go on this? The name enough should have turned me away. Bug-themed attractions should not be interactive. Ever.


1. STITCH’S GREAT ESCAPE – Magic Kingdom >>

This one honestly just baffles me. Lilo & Stitch is cute, and I heard good things about this ride that convinced me to go on it. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. Maybe I’m being dramatic. The seat pushes so hard on your neck and shoulders that you feel like you’re suffocating, and the smell of Stitch’s barfed-up burrito is enough to make you sick for the rest of the day. Just awful.


Let me know if you agree!

Please also check out the rest of my Disney World Tips series! Disclaimer: No actual tips are given.

x Alex

Jumping On The Juicing Bandwagon

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Hello, it’s me. Back again. Long story short, I recently spent $75 on a juice cleanse. Arguably a waste of money, but ever since I heard about the concept I’ve been all about it. In my mind it magically erases every McDonald’s chicken nugget from my entire life. Lately I’ve been real into things that claim to “cleanse the mind, body, and spirit.” So I felt like if there’s ever a time, it’s now. Mind you, I only bought the one day version. I don’t think I have the strength (or the money) to go for more than a day only drinking liquids. I researched a lot of different cleanse brands online and ended up going with the seemingly most popular with the least amount of vegetable juice – the BluePrint Invigoration Cleanse. I had it delivered on a Tuesday and decided to do it the very next day to get it over with. You’re supposed to eat very clean the day before to prepare your body. So naturally, I cooked up some mozzarella sticks. But other than that, I was fairly healthy. As much as I was looking forward to trying some of the juices, I knew by noon I’d be craving something with sustenance.

On to the day of…

——— JUICE 1: 6 AM ———

  • Thoughts before trying: Indifferent. Assuming it will taste like an iced coffee. All the ingredients are good so how could it be bad?
  • Thoughts after trying: Yum! Tastes like I was expecting with a bunch of cinnamon thrown in. Starting off good!
  • Mood: I’m really not wanting to go to work and all I can think about is a nap but that’s not the juice’s fault.

——— JUICE 2: 9 AM ———

  • Thoughts before trying: I thought the 2nd juice was supposed to be apple, pineapple, and mint – maybe that’s for another cleanse. The cayenne frightens me.
  • Thoughts after trying: Was a little scared for the spice but honestly tastes just like a Chick-fil-A lemonade. Pleasantly surprised again! There’s a little bit of a kick to it but that actually may be from the ginger.
  • Mood: Hunger hasn’t set in yet. Feeling so energetic for some reason. About to pick up chocolate chip cookies for work which is not fun since I can’t eat them.

——— JUICE 3: 12 PM ———

  • Thoughts before trying: TERRIFIED. The last green juice I tried made me so sick.
  • Thoughts after trying: Surprisingly not awful. Don’t get me wrong – tastes like you’re straight up drinking a leaf but it’s easier to drink than I thought. Definitely trying to get rid of it quicker than the other two. Actually it’s really disgusting.
  • Mood: Starting to get hungry. Still have a lot of energy. Dreaming of food.

——— JUICE 4: 2:30 PM ———

  • Thoughts before trying: I’m fine with the agave, but again with the cayenne? I love lemonade but I have a suspicion this won’t taste like lemonade.
  • Thoughts after trying: The other lemon/cayenne one was better. This one is almost too sweet for me.
  • Mood: Bad. Things went downhill fast. My stomach is eating itself, I can no longer focus on anything, and I can’t stand straight or type words without shaking.

——— JUICE 5: 5 PM ———

  • Thoughts before trying: UGH BEET.
  • Thoughts after trying: MAYBE BETTER THAN THE GREEN ONE BUT UGH. It tastes like potpourri.
  • Mood: I AM SO OVER THIS I’LL EAT ANYTHING. My mind is becoming weird. I just put a tea bag in a glass of ice water. I’m also at the point where I’m googling how to drink a juice without having to smell it.

——— JUICE 6: 7 PM ———

  • Thoughts before trying: EXCITED – this is the one most people seem to favor. Like a milkshake!
  • Thoughts after trying: I’m not mad just disappointed. Honestly it’s not that great. Much better than the vegetable ones I guess, but what’s up with the texture? It’s like a watered down vanilla milkshake with gritty, mushy chunks in it.
  • Mood: Hungry. I forget what it feels like to chew.
Well, I made it through to the next morning and I only had to pee approximately 527 times throughout the day. The whole day, no food. Only juice, water, and a cup of herbal tea after each of the vegetable juices. Overall, my favorite juice was probably #1. Would I do it again? Probably not. Other than placebo effect telling me that I was being healthy so I should feel happy, I can’t say I felt that much different afterwards.

x Alex