A Glimpse Into My California Adventure

Happy Friday, everyone! Today since I don’t really plan on going anywhere blog-worthy, I thought that I would share some pictures from my recent trip to Los Angeles. For graduation, my grandma gave me the opportunity to pick anywhere in the country for a short vacation with her and my mom. I of course wanted to choose somewhere on the west coast because I had never been over there before. Los Angeles seemed like a good option because of the endless amount of things I wanted to do. I was also fortunate enough to be able to get a DSLR camera for graduation. I’m still working on learning how to use it, so these pictures are a combination of both my iPhone and the DSLR. So many more pictures were taken that I’d love to share, maybe in another post! Let me know if you’d be interested. Enjoy!


A roller coaster on the Santa Monica Pier. Didn’t get to ride, unfortunately. But how artsy, right?


The Friends stage @ Warner Brothers Studios!!! Freaking. Out.


Hollywood. We saw the famous Chinese Theater and the Star Walk as well.


Disneyland. My happy place, and also the the spot where I cry too much.


Why did no one ever tell me how good sandwiches are in California? The green juice not so much.


The beach in Malibu.

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