Christmas Is Here! | Blogmas #1


Hi! Guys! Guys! Guys! I’m back! And it’s officially the Christmas season! No one can get angry at me now for having everything decorated with twinkle lights, for playing holiday music, and for buying fleece leggings with Santa’s face printed all over them.

This blog has 100% been put in the back of my mind ever since I started a job but that is about to change. For the past month I’ve had my blog on private (no one noticed) trying to design it to be exactly to my liking. But shocker, I can’t. I tried every layout available for free and my OCD-ish tendencies hinder my happiness due to the limited customization options. I almost considered paying the $99 just so I could make my banner a different color but decided it’s not the time. Maybe in the future! So this is what it’s gonna be for now and me and you are both just going to have to deal.

Done with the complaints and now back to Christmas. Surprise! I wanted to do something exciting this month to make up for my recent lack of posts. Everyone must be on the edge of their seats. Blogmas. What’s Blogmas, you ask? I’m going to be doing a blog post EVERY DAY through Christmas Eve – published at 11 AM EST if all goes well. 24 new posts and ideally, they’ll all be Christmas related. But if I run out of ideas there may be some other stuff thrown in there too. I just want to document this time of the year because I love it so much. To be completely honest, I’m already kind of sad that December is almost over and it’s only just started. I should really have been planning, writing, and preparing to post a blog every day. In reality, none of that happened. Who knows what you’re going to get. But I’m excited! I hope everyone else is too! (PS I take no credit for thinking of the name of the series. I copied the rest of the world on that one.)

As this is the first entry of Blogmas, I wanted to do something special. I think it would be really fun to mail out Christmas cards to you all. I don’t expect anything in return, I just know how much I enjoy getting cards in the mail so I thought it would be cute to write some letters to the people who actually read this nonsense. All you have to do to get a card is LIKE my Facebook page. (And if you’re feeling generous… share it with your friends!) Then just shoot me a private message on Facebook with your mailing address by December 10th and a Christmas card will soon be yours. No cost to you. (USA only, sorry! $$$) Just trying to spread some Christmas joy. Happy holidays, check back tomorrow!

x Alex

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