Christmas Movies | Blogmas #3

Anyone who knows me knows that you can’t get me to sit down to watch an hour and a half movie to save my life. Netflix for hours, yes. Of course. But a movie? I just can’t do it and I won’t do it. However, during December that changes. Every year I have a select list of Christmas movies that I have to watch or else I feel like I’m missing a part of my soul.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964): This is the movie I’ve been watching the longest. Every single year my family and I sit down to watch it.


Frozen (2013): It hasn’t been out that long, but it’s something that needs to be watched annually. Maybe even twice. Or three times. It never gets old.


The Polar Express (2004): Definitely my all-time favorite Christmas movie. My brother hates this movie because it’s a little creepy at times but every year I watch it. Typically during the week leading up to Christmas. I cry every time, without fail.


Now, those are my top 3. This year I also have 2 others to add to my must-watch list. I’m realizing that every single movie I’m listing is a children’s movie. What can ya do.

Arthur Christmas (2011): Not the aardvark! I’ve only seen this one once but I really liked it and want to watch it again.

arthur edited

Elf (2003): Everyone’s seen Elf. Everyone loves Elf. I’ve only seen it once and that’s not enough.

elf edited

– & some Christmas TV specials that are definitely worth mentioning –

  • THE O.C. S01E13: The Best Chrismukkah Ever
  • GILMORE GIRLS S07E11: Santa’s Secret Stuff
  • BOY  MEETS WORLD S05E11: A Very Topanga Christmas
  • FRIENDS S07E10: The One with the Holiday Armadillo
  • FULL HOUSE S02E09: Our Very First Christmas Show
  • MODERN FAMILIY S03E10: Express Christmas
  • NEW GIRL S04E11: LAXmas
  • THE OFFICE S02E10: Christmas Party

x Alex

5 thoughts on “Christmas Movies | Blogmas #3

  1. Hmmmm. Not sure on Rudolph for me. It’s kind of like Charlie Brown to me now. Classic? Yes. A little tired of it? Yes. How about ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’ instead? “I’m the Heat Miser”, “Put One Foot In Front of the Other”, and dozens of other classics.



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