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As you may or may not know, I recently started a series where I listen to the top 10 songs on various iTunes charts and give a short and most likely unhelpful review of them. Today (August 12th) I will be reviewing the top 10 songs from the alternative chart. I love finding new music and hopefully in the near future I’ll be doing another Music Discovery post with some of the great songs I’ve come across and have been loving lately.

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1. High By the Beach – Lana Del Rey

  • Opinion: Can I be honest for a second? Before I listen to this song I need to confess that Lana Del Rey annoys me to no end. Please don’t hate me. *Okay, listening now.* I hate it. It’s not necessarily her voice or her unique sound that I don’t like, something about her just turns me off. I’m struggling to even get through the 1:30 preview. [1.5/10]

2. Uma Thurman – Fall Out Boy

  • Opinion: I do like this song. It’s way better than “Centuries”, which I talk about below. Still not loving it enough to download. Catchy tune though! [6/10]

3. Shut Up and Dance – WALK THE MOON

  • Opinion: When I first heard this song for whatever reason I always turned the station right away. Lately I love it. I don’t know what caused this sudden switch to an obsession, but I think it’s great. [9/10]

4. Renegades – X Ambassadors

  • Opinion: Ugh, okay. I really like this song, I do, but I just can’t bring myself to listen to it voluntarily. It just reminds me too much of the Jeep Renegade commercial. They performed at my college along with The Mowgli’s during my final semester and I really regret not going. [6.5/10]

5. Ex’s & Oh’s – Elle King

  • Opinion: It’s catchy, I have to say. Not my favorite though. I don’t think it would ever be one of those songs that I could listen to over and over. [4/10]

6. Talking Body – Tove Lo

  • Opinion: Nah. Why does this song exist and why is it on the alternative chart? [1/10]

7. Tear In My Heart – twenty one pilots

  • Opinion: Some of the twenty one pilots songs are very strange. Or am I thinking of AWOLNATION? Or both. I get them confused. But I like this one, good vibes. “You fell asleep in my car, I drove the whole time,
    but that’s okay, I’ll just avoid the holes so you sleep fine.” [8/10]

8. Centuries – Fall Out Boy

  • Opinion: Not a huge fan. I’m sure it would be a thrilling song to crank up the bass while driving down a back road, but it’s not for me. [5/10]

9. Riptide – Vance Joy

  • Opinion: This is another one that I think I would really like if I didn’t hear it every three seconds on the radio. [6.5/10]

10. First – Cold War Kids

  • Opinion: I like it a lot! I didn’t think I had heard it before but now that the chorus is playing I’m realizing I have. Definitely putting this one on my download list. I actually want to give some of their other songs a listen as well. [8/10]

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Let’s Talk Music | Top 10 Pop Songs

When boredom strikes, create another irrelevant blog series. Below is a list of the top 10 songs on the iTunes pop chart as of today, July 29th. As I’ve mentioned before, I love listening to and discovering new music. I’m going to be listening to each song and giving my (very brief and probably biased) opinion of it. Looking at this weeks chart, I’ve actually heard all of these songs before, except for one – which makes my job way easier. I’m also noticing that I’m very strongly opinionated about each of these songs. I either love it or hate it, there’s not really an in between or a song I’m just “eh” about.

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1. Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix Radio Edit) – Omi

  • Opinion: I love this song. Even though it’s overplayed, the annoyance hasn’t hit me yet. [7/10]

2. Fight Song – Rachel Platten

  • Opinion: I didn’t like this song at first. Then after hearing it a couple of times I loved it. Now I only love it if I can BLAST it in my car and feel all empowered and stuff. [7.5/10]

3. Good for You (feat. A$AP Rocky) – Selena Gomez

  • Opinion: Do not like. Weird. [2.5/10]

4. Honey, I’m Good. – Andy Grammer

  • Opinion: Has that thing about it that gets it stuck in your head for days. Actually all of these songs do. I don’t really understand the message of it but it’s fun. I don’t get why people think it’s a country song. [8.5/10]

5. Marvin Gaye (feat. Meghan Trainor) – Charlie Puth

  • Opinion: Love. I really have not liked a single one of Meghan Trainor’s other songs but this one is great, maybe because Charlie Puth sings more than her. [9/10]

6. Cool for the Summer – Demi Lovato

  • Opinion: Nope. I’ve liked every other Demi Lovato single that she has ever released (I checked) but not this one. [2/10]

7. Worth It (feat. Kid Ink) – Fifth Harmony

  • Opinion: It’s so good. I’m not even embarrassed to say that. [8/10]

8. Bad Blood (feat. Kendrick Lamar) – Taylor Swift

  • Opinion: Not my favorite track off of 1989, but still good and fun to sing along with. [8/10]

9. Stitches – Shawn Mendes

  • Opinion: This is the song I had never heard before. Not a fan. I like some of his other songs (I think I have two others downloaded) but this one isn’t the greatest. I don’t like the obvious rhyming. If you listen to the song you’ll get what I mean. [3/10]

10. Fire N Gold – Bea Miller

  • Opinion: Like. Wishing I had played this on the 4th of July because it gives me that vibe. [8/10]