In Review: Bobby’s Burger Palace



Happy 4th! Today my family and I ventured out to Potomac Mills Mall to Bobby’s Burger Palace, Bobby Flay’s restaurant. This is 100% not the first time we’ve been here. It’s a family favorite and we owed it to my dad for a late Father’s Day gift. I of course realize that one should get a burger at a PALACE OF BURGERS but I really only like burgers if they are from fast food places and don’t actually taste like real beef (please don’t hurt me). I always get the griddled cheese here.


I unfortunately forgot to take a picture of my food before it was half gone and the plate was drowned in various sauces (blogging n00b) so these photos are from the official website. But I must say, it looks almost identical to what was actually served to me. I got the sandwich, fries (which are ordered separately), a pickle, and a fresh lemonade. One of my favorite things about this restaurant is the multitude of sauces on the table. Right when I get my meal I immediately put chipotle ketchup (my favorite), regular ketchup, and Bobby’s burger sauce on my plate. I dip everything in everything. The grilled cheese is delicious – after I remove the tomato of course. It is grilled with four kinds of cheese – American, Swiss, Monterey Jack, and Cheddar. The fries are nothing special in my opinion. They’re still really good but I just prefer when fries have a lot of seasoning on them and these are pretty bland. These do come with another kind of sauce to dip them in but I’m not a huge fan, despite my love of sauce. Sauce for days.

This was a short review but I felt the need to express my love for this place. If you have one near you, go!

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