Autumn Accent Ideas

DSC_0354 DSC_0339DSC_0348I wrote this post about a week ago but completely forgot to post it. Enjoy!

As I’ve mentioned time and time again (enough that probably no one cares anymore), Autumn is no doubt my favorite time of the year. It feels like a new beginning. School and work are both back in session, campfires, the air is crisp, the leaves are beautiful, it’s acceptable to drink hot chocolate, Christmas is just around the corner, all the stores smell like cinnamon spice, and beanies and scarves can be worn once again. The list goes on. Now, even though it just officially became Fall this week, I’ve been ready since July. Some people love the burning heat of Summer but it’s not for me. Unless I’m sitting on a beach listening to pop music and sipping lemonade, get me indoors to the AC… stat. I just wanted to make a quick post to show some of the seasonal decorations I have in my room along with some tips of easy ways to make your space feel more cozy for the cooler months. When I have my own apartment, I’m 100% going to be one of those people who overdecorate. Someone needs to take my Pinterest account away from me.

It’s super easy to make small changes to make your room feel more cozy for Fall. The first way to do that is lights. In my room I have white rope lights around the top of my room as well as small Halloween lights from the dollar section at Target. Walmart sells really, really cheap white lights and even just one strand can completely change the atmosphere of a room at night.

Next, candles. I made sure to switch out my fruity/floral Summer candles to spicier and more dessert-like scents. I have a vanilla candle, an apple pie candle, and a pumpkin one sitting out. If you are one to buy expensive candles (unlike me), the smells will even spread throughout the room when they aren’t lit.

Fake flowers are also great. I have a vase in my room that I purchased at a consignment boutique and it’s filled with small stones. I replaced my white daisies that I had during the summer to a mix of orange, red, and yellow Fall flowers. The dollar store has great options and they are so cheap! The dollar store also has some other great seasonal decor items that you can use to decorate on a budget.

The most recent thing I did is change up my bedding. There’s nothing better than curling up with your puppy, a cup of tea, and a big fluffy blanket. In the Summer I usually sleep with a lightweight colorful comforter because it can get pretty hot at night. For Fall I like to go with a heavier blanket and all white bedding with warm-colored accents – such as throw pillows and fleece or flannel blankets and quilts.

Lastly, find random objects around your house. I dug around in my laundry room and found a white ceramic owl and cute little pumpkin I forgot I even had. When I was in Orlando I bought some soap with a ghost on it and I’m also using my Monsters Inc plush I bought to decorate for the season. Monsters, Halloween, get it? For the most part you can find hidden treasures without having to spend any money at all. Be creative and happy Autumn!

– Alex

22 thoughts on “Autumn Accent Ideas

      1. No, I’ve never been to the US (dream of making the trip!) Have to say I’m rather used to British accents though, and work 2 minutes from a Primark so it’s not all bad!


  1. Hi Alex, what a well-written and lovely contribution. Autumn sure is lovely with its fading colours and cozy atmosphere. What is not to like?!

    On a different note: I am here to challenge you to share your Thanksgiving spirit! There is a Be Thankful Challenge going on and I would like to nominate you to participate. For the rules please check my latest entry: I hope you will join the fun!



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