In Review: Jurassic World


TL;DR 5/5. Go watch it now.

Two blog posts in one day say what? I’m going to start this series where I review things. Movies, TV, new music albums, food I try, beauty products, what have you. For the first one I’m going to be talking about Jurassic World.

I’m the first to admit that I don’t really like watching movies (*gasp*). I can watch hours on end of a TV show, but when someone asks me to sit down and watch a two hour movie… no. But I do have a short list of movies that I am actually interested in seeing and this was one of them.

I guess I should first talk about my previous knowledge of Jurassic Park movies. That would be none. No knowledge. That was until last week when my dad sat my family down to watch the original Jurassic Park movie. I didn’t really bother with the second or third ones. Anyways, I really liked it. Much more than I thought I would. That solidified my decision in wanting to see the new one.

Spoilers ahead!

Tonight was my mom’s birthday (happy birthday, Mom!) and she decided that for her birthday she wanted to go to this movie theater where you are served food (fine by me!) while watching the movie. It was between Inside Out (which I still really want to see!) and Jurassic World. The family majority vote was for Jurassic World. I had heard all good things about the movie so I was super excited to see it. Also, can we just talk about the beauty that is Chris Pratt for a second? Am I right? Everything about the movie was done right. If no one will hurt me I would just like to say that I thought it was better than the original. Jake Johnson’s character and his one liners had me cracking up. The siblings loosely reminded me of my brother and I, and all of the dinosaurs reminded me of my dog. I really didn’t like Claire’s character in the beginning, but throughout the movie she grew on me – which I suppose is what the writers were gong for so good on them.

I do have a problem where I burst out laughing at parts where I shouldn’t i.e. when people randomly get eaten by dinosaurs, but sometimes it’s funny ya know? This movie definitely freaked me out more than the original – maybe because I was watching it on the big screen instead of in my living room. Side note – great music score. I love when even 10-second snippets of music can make me feel emotional. The graphics were incredible. I still don’t understand how that whole thing works, but I guess it’s more magical to keep it a mystery. The only part where I really remember tearing up (then again, I have awful memory and have kind of forgotten the entire movie already) is when Owen was sitting in the field with the sick dinosaur. Oh, also when he was communicating with his raptor friends near the end. Tugs at your heartstrings!

In conclusion, can someone buy me a mini brontosaurus that I could keep as a pet?


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