Snappin’ Around DC

Windows Movie Maker really sucks a lot.

“Can we ask Siri how to get out of the zoo?” Yesterday two of my friends and I (who I haven’t seen in a year!) went to DC. The main reason we were going was to see Innovation in Art, an exhibit set up at the art museum. It poured rain. The whole day.

We got to the metro station around 12:30 and I decided it was finally time to buy a reusable plastic metro card after spending my whole life in Northern Virginia. About an hour later we ended up near Chinatown and ate lunch at the Corner Bakery Cafe. A club sandwich happened again. Then we had about two hours to spare until the art exhibit opened so we went to the zoo. Why go to the zoo during a torrential downpour you may ask? Animals are cute, that’s why. This is also the time I remembered I brought an umbrella. We basically only went into the small mammal house (because indoors) and couldn’t stand the rain any longer so we hopped back on the metro to the museum. It was a pretty cool exhibit – the courtyard of the museum was filled with a band playing, the opportunity to try virtual reality technology, and a huge interactive game called Starry Heavens. Once we had enough of that, we decided on Hard Rock Cafe for “dinner.” In reality we all just got dessert. #worthit

That’s basically the day and I’ve decided I need to go explore DC more because I think it’s one of the cutest places on the planet. I really wish I could have brought my camera but what with the rain and all…

Until next time.


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