Music Discovery II

Time for round two of some of my favorite songs! This week I’m only going to do songs that I downloaded in the month of June – new or old. Usually I do songs from all of my iTunes library but I’ve acquired quite a bit of new stuff recently so I thought I’d share! Maybe in the future each Music Discovery post will have a certain genre or theme.

See A Girl – Andy Burrows

This song, man. Andy Burrows is so talented. I first heard his album on Spotify and then bought some of my favorite songs from it on iTunes. His voice makes me want to go on a hike but also take a nap – in the best way possible. Make sense?

Spiderhead – Cage The Elephant

I always knew some of the band’s bigger hits but didn’t hear this song until I watched some of their Firefly Music Festival performance when it aired on television.

Just A Memory – Train

This is off of Train’s new album. I just saw him in concert for the second time last weekend. Some songs do tend to drive me a little insane, but he’s such a talented performer. This isn’t one of the aforementioned songs that cause insanity.

Cheerleader – OMI

I actually heard this on the way home from the Train concert. In my tired state I Shazam’d it and made a mental note to download it later. It’s one of those songs that permanently sticks in your brain.

River Flows In You – Yiruma

Not the typical choice, but good nonetheless. My apologies for describing every song as “good.” I heard it on YouTube and found the melody to be so beautiful/calming. I really want to take up piano again and try to learn a simplified version.

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