Tasting Things | Girl Scouts Crunch Bar




I cannot even express the amount of excitement that I felt when I came across these the other day. I had heard of them a few months ago but when I had looked online to see where to buy some, at the time they were only available in certain Costco’s in Utah or something… weird. They were kind of forgotten about until I was walking through Five Below and to my amazement saw them! Right there on the shelf!!

Crunch came out with three limited edition flavors of these bars:

  • Thin Mints – which is like a Thin Mint cookie, obviously
  • Caramel & Coconut – this is the one I tried that resembles a Samoa/Caramel Delight
  • Peanut Butter Creme – they didn’t have these where I was but if anyone knows where I can get them LET ME KNOW because the Tagalong/Peanut Butter Patty is my all time favorite cookie

So like I said, I decided to try the Caramel & Coconut. They had the Thin Mints one in stock as well but I only got one flavor because I didn’t know if they would even slightly taste like the actual cookie.

Anyways, the taste test. I wasn’t expecting the bar to taste similar to the cookie at all, because things like this usually don’t. To my surprise, it did! All of you who hate Crunch bars, don’t let that scare you away. In my opinion, it doesn’t really resemble a Crunch bar and I don’t think it even has the crisped rice pieces that a regular Crunch bar has. Or maybe it does and the rice isn’t noticeable among all the other flavors. This tasted EXACTLY like a Samoa cookie, just with more of a wafery texture versus a cookie one. If Samoas were my go-to cookie, I would definitely be buying these again to tide me over until the Girl Scouts start selling again. However, my heart belongs to Tagalongs and now I’m on a mission to find those Peanut Butter Creme bars.


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